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Focus is for young people in school years 7 and above. It is a chance to learn more about God and Jesus in a relaxed and friendly setting, through a mixture of Bible study, discussions, games, group tasks and prayer. Young people are encouraged to ask questions, investigate the Bible for themselves, express their own points of view and become active members of God's church.
The young people are encouraged to support one another both practically and through prayer, and to identify and use their gifts. Bible study and the discussion of global issues often result in lively debate.
The members of Focus have planned, prepared and run several of the Sunday morning services.



The Max


The Max is a fortnightly youth club that meets every other Wednesday, from 7pm to 9pm. Admission is free and the club is open to all young people in school years 7 and above. Come and play table tennis, pool, table football, games and "special" nights or just hang out and chat with your friends.
Learn why the Bible is relevant to your life during The Xchange - our 10-minute talk and discussion half way through the evening. Make some new friends as you team up for the group games.

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