We believe that a church is here to honour or glorify God: To show God's splendour. At the heart of how we do this is to 'make disciples' as Jesus said. We are exploring what that looks like for us. You can see more of what we are doing in this vision day 2016 leaflet and vision day 2016 slides.

Our Current Mission Statement and Values

The best way to find out about us is by coming along in person, but this section should give you an idea who we are and what is important to us. 

Our Purpose

We believe that God is calling us to be:

a welcoming community of people

with Jesus Christ at the centre who

love God, love one another and love the lost.

We have adopted this as our mission statement. We believe that it sums up much that is at the heart of what a church should be. It is rooted in the Bible, and especially closely linked to some verses in the New Testament that are very important to us:

Jesus said: 

Matt:22-37 "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbour as yourself. (Matthew 22:37-39, NIV)

He told stories about the lost being found in Luke 15.

Acts 2 and Acts 4 speak of the community of believers. Hebrews 12 speaks of fixing our eyes on Jesus.

Our Values

Values speak of things that we hold dear and seek to live by. Three values are particularly important to us:

people matter to God; people need Jesus Christ; people can change.

We believe these are especially meaningful in an area where a substantial number of people feel they have been forgotten, have been badly treated or are stuck in difficult situations. Many other values inform our beliefs and practice. Among the most significant are the importance of the Bible, the vital place of prayer and the role of the Holy Spirit in the life of the church and of each person.

Our place within the wider Church

We are a Baptist Church within the Central Area of the Baptist Union of Great Britain.
Central Baptist Association
Baptist Union of Great Britain

We are also members of the Evangelical Alliance and have good informal links with local churches in the area.