Date Speaker Title and Download Link File Downloads
15th March 2020 Deryck MacDonald-Taylor Part 2 1Thess 2 v1-12 Delighting in sharing lives 1 THESS 2 v1-12 Part 2 Delighting in Sharing Lives.pptx
8th March 2020 Steve Hobbis Natural inclinations or Kingdom living Natural instincts or kingdom living.pptx
1st March 2020 Sam Bird The River Ezekiel.pdf
23rd February 2020 Deryck MacDonald-Taylor The church : Power and Impact 1 Thess 1 Part1-Church Power and Impact.pptx
16th February 2020 Youth Team Learning with Elijah Elijah.pptx
9th February 2020 Steve Hobbis Cross shaped Love Cross shaped love.pptx
2nd February 2020 Steve Hobbis Healings-"difficulties"-more healings

rejoining Jesus in Gospel-2.pptx

Healings difficulties more healings.pptx

26th January 2020 Steve Hobbis

Rejoining Jesus in the Gospel of Mark.

An Outsider No More

rejoining Jesus in Mark's Gospel.pptx

Outsider no more.pptx

19th January 2020 Steve Hobbis A Dwelling Place with God The dwelling place of God
12th January 2020 Steve Hobbis Ask and You shall Receive  
5th January 2020 Mike Gillen Looking to the Future with God  
24th December 2019 Steve Hobbis Christmas Eve Candlelight Service 2019  
15th December 2019 Steve Hobbis From Heaven with Love 4 -Keeper From heaven - A baby of promise.pptx
8th December 2019 Steve Hobbis From Heaven with Love-3 Welcoming the King From Heaven-The King of Love.pptx
7th December 2019 Kyle Hobbis Rejoice in the Lord  
1st December 2019 Steve Hobbis From Heaven with Love-2 Responding to the Barrier Breaking Bridge -Builder  
17th November 2019 Steve Williams Dying to Live  
10th November 2019 Steve Hobbis The Power to Forgive ......  
27th October 2019 AJ Freedom from law through Christ  
13th October 2019 Mike Gillen A Refuge in time of trouble  
6th October 2019 Steve Hobbis Thanking God for his great gifts  
29th September 2019 Steve Hobbis The Gospel of God , therefore ........ The Gospel of God-part3-therefore.pptx
15th September 2019 Steve Hobbis God gave them over......But God

God gave them over - but now.pptx

The pit.pptx

8th September 2019 Steve Hobbis Unleasing the Power of the Gospel of God

Not ashamed of the Gospel of God.pptx

The cliff.pptx

1st September 2019 David Aldous Seeking His face  
25th August 2019

Steve Hobbis

Regine Koroma

Responding to God's Word  
21st July 2019

Katie -Relay

Steve Hobbis

Faith that will not be put off  
14th July 2019 Steve Hobbis When all is said and done Jesus is Supreme  
7th July 2019 Steve Hobbis Nitpicking and Perspective Shifting nitpicking and perspective shifting.pptx
30th June 2019 Rev Dr Hillary Nyika Psalm 138  
23rd June 2019 Steve Hobbis Prayer prayer-all age-service.pptx
16th June 2019 Steve Hobbis I want to be with You God among his people.pptx
26th May 2019 Steve Hobbis Jesus Then and Now  
19th May 2019 Steve Hobbis Overwhelmed to Empowered - 2  
19th May 2019 Steve Hobbis No faith at home but twelve sent out  
12th May 2019 Steve Hobbis Overwhelmed to Empowered -1 Overwhelmed to Empowered -1.pptx
5thMay 2019 Steve Hobbis   FATfaith.pptx
28th April 2019 Steve Hobbis The Gift of Peace The gift of peace.pptx
21st April 2019 Steve Hobbis Dawn of Joy The dawn of joy.pptx
14th April 2019 Steve Hobbis The Life of Love The life of love.pptx
7th April 2019 Regine Koroma A battle of powers (Mark 5:1-21)  
31st March 2019 Sara Sivyer Mother's Day Talk Mother's Day Powerpoint
24th March 2019 Steve Hobbis One Storm, many Questions One storm-many questions.pptx
17th March 2019 Steve Hobbis Consider Carefully how YOU Hear Vulnerable powerful seeds.pptx
10th March 2019 Steve Hobbis New Family-New Teacher New Family- new Teacher.pptx
3rd March 2019 Steve Hobbis A New Day,A New Way New day-a new way.pptx
24th February 2019 Steve Hobbis The Call of Jesus The call of Jesus.pptx
17th February 2019 Ursula Ambrose World Leprosy Day 2019 Leprosy in bible times.pptx
10th February 2019 Sam Bird Chase Jesus  
3rd February 2019 Steve Hobbis The kingdom-so near you can see it ! The Kingdom-so near you can see it.pptx
27th January 2019 Steve Hobbis Repent and Believe the Good News Repent and believe the good news.pptx
20th January 2019 Sara Sivyer God the Lifter of Our Head Psalm 3.pptx
13th January 2019 Steve Hobbis GOOD NEWS  
6th January 2019 Libby & Daniel Simkins Faith in the Storm HA2018slides.pdf
30th December 2018 Rebecca Benford Testimony Service 2018  
24th December 2018 Steve Hobbis Candlelight Service 2018  
23rd December 2018

Ursula Ambrose

Steve Hobbis

Family Christmas Service -Nativity 2018  
16th December 2018


Steve Hobbis

God shows up in surprising ways God shows up.pptx
9th December 2018 Steve Hobbis The Love of Jesus CPR.pptx
2nd December 2018 Steve Hobbis The Lord is in this place The LORD is in this place.pptx
25th November 2018 Sara Sivyer Jealousy and Humility  
18th November 2018 Steve Hobbis Not Just for Romans ! - the Road and Response Not just for Romans-The Road and Responses(3).pptx
11th November 2018 Steve Hobbis Costly Victories

Costly victories.pptx

May your peace.mp3

4th November 2018 Steve Hobbis The Light of the World Light of the world.pptx
28th October 2018 Steve Hobbis service not recorded God's Surprising Revelation.pptx
21st October 2018 Matt Penny Encountering Jesus  
14th October 2018 AJ Identity - What is it ? Identitytalk17.10.18sobc.pptx
7th October 2018 Steve Hobbis God's Written Revelation - Part b - Application God's written revelation - Application.pptx
30th September 2018 Mike Gillen The Goodness of God  
23rd September 2018 Steve Hobbis God's written revelation - Part A - The Origin God's written revelation-Origin.pptx
16th September 2018 Steve Hobbis God's Supreme:Revelation:Just One Jesus


God's supreme revelation.pptx

New song: Send us out

9th September 2018 Steve Hobbis Jesus says "Follow Me " HolClub ReturnofWWarriors Follow Me.pptx
2nd September 2018 Ursula Ambrose The Message of Zephania Zephaniahpowerpoint.pptx
26th August 2018 Mike Gillen Living Water  
19th August 2018 Douglas Nwosu The Salvation of our Souls  
12th August 2018 Underwood Family Book of Ruth  
29th July 2018 Steve Hobbis Holiday Club 2018- Sunday before holclub 2018-Sunday before.pptx
22nd July 2018 Steve Hobbis 4. God's Power in Your Life 4- God's power in your life.pptx
15th July 2018 Steve Hobbis God has a destiny for your life God has a destiny for your life powerpoint
There is a day YouTube link
8th July 2018 Steve Hobbis The Trials of Life Trials of Life powerpoint
1st July 2018 Steve Hobbis Life on Earth Life on Earth Powerpoint 1
24th June 2018 John Lockley Disappointed in God  
17th June 2018 Steve Hobbis Father's love - Personal stories

Learning to live a life-4 Father's love-apersonal story.pptx

Learning to live a life of love-framing our stories.pptx

10th June 2018 Steve Hobbis "May your Love abound more and more....." Learning to live a life of love-3-prayer for more.pptx
3rd June 2018 Steve Hobbis The example,The identity,The life.Part 2 Learning to live a life of love-2-example identity life.pptx
27th May 2018 Steve Hobbis Learning to live a Life of Love  
13th May 2018 AJ A God who desires Relationship  
6th May 2018 Tope Teniola Elijah's battle blues  
29th April 2018 Steve Hobbis LOVE One Another Love one another.pptx
22nd April 2018 Regine Koroma Kowing God is Life : Lessons from the Life of Joseph Knowing God is life-lessons from Joseph.pptx
15th April 2018 Steve Hobbis Roots and Fruit of God's Love  
8th April 2018 Ursula Ambrose The Bicyle Wheel and The Crown Isaiah 62 verses 2&3.pptx
1st April 2018 Steve Hobbis The Great Reversal Easter 2018.pptx
25th March 2018 Steve Hobbis Remaining in the Relentless Love of Jesus  
18th March 2018 AJ Receiving and Giving God's Love -personally  
11th March 2018 Linda Gillen Trusting in God

Powerpoint Talk Mothering Sunday.pptx

Mothers Day Powerpoint Pictures.pptx

4th March 2018 Steve Hobbis " Love Like Jesus " Love like Jesus.pptx
25th February 2018 Steve Hobbis Love Gives. Will you receive it ? Love offered - love received.pptx
18th February 2018 Steve Hobbis Love experienced and expressed Love experieced expressed -overcoming.pptx
11th February 2018 Steve Hobbis That your LOVE may abound MORE and MORE  
4th February 2018 Steve Hobbis Colossians - What?and So What ? Colossians- what and so what.pptx
28th January 2018 Steve Hobbis PRAYERFUL and PERSONAL Prayerful and Personal.pptx
21st January 2018 AJ Slaves and Masters  
14th January 2018 Steve Hobbis Family Relationships for Jesus His Identity in your Family Relationships(1).pptx
7th January 2018 Anne & Gavin Calver Rise Up Daniel.pptx
25th December 2017 Steve Hobbis Christmas Day Service Christmas day 2017 talk.pptx
24th December 2017 Steve Hobbis Carols by Candlelight

CbyC Jn1-Light.pptx


24th December 2017 Linda Gillen Steve Hobbis From Candy cane to Christ 24th Candy Cane Service.pptx
17th December 2017 Steve Hobbis Responding to Light Christmas Family Service-talk.pptx
10th December 2017 Mike Gillen Three Wise Women  
3rd December 2017 AJ Promises through Old Testament  
26thNovember 2017 Steve Hobbis Light life love- The Word came to Us John 1.pptx
19th November 2017 Steve Hobbis Love, light, life - it's all here Love light life 1.pptx
12th November 2017 Steve Hobbis Express his Identity Colossians - Express His Identity.pptx
11th November 2017

Steve Hobbis


SOBC Away Day AJ's Story  
5th November 2017 Steve Hobbis Express Your Identity Colossians - Express your identity.pptx
29th October 2017 Deryck Macdonald-Taylor David - A man after God's Heart: Acts 11v22 Acts 13v22 David.A Man after God's own heart.pptx
22nd October 2017 Steve Hobbis The Reality is founded in Christ  
15th October 2017 Deryck Macdonald-Taylor Love in Action Luke 10v25-37-Love in Action.pptx
8th October Victoria & Ant Personal Testimonies  
1st October 2017 Steve Hobbis Christ in ME Christ in us-Colossians pt4.pptx
24th September 2017 Steve Hobbis Christ in YOU Christ in us-Colossians pt3.pptx
17th September 2017 Steve Hobbis search bms World Mission Wonderfully Made feature video

Harvest 2017-1.pptx

Harvest 2017-2.pptx

10th September 2017 Steve Hobbis "Its all about Christ- Jesus  It's all about Jesus.pptx
3rd September 2017 Steve Hobbis Reading the Bible and approaching Colossians

Bible - in us.pptx

Bible - in us 2 Colossians.pptx

27th August 2017 Douglas Nwosu Genuine Faith  
20th August 2017 Steve Hobbis The Bible - Inspired and Useful Bible - inspired and useful.pptx
13th August 2017 Mel Underwood Keep On Running

Paris Marathon Presentation.pptx

Types of run.pptx

"Keep on running colouring".jpg.html

23rd July 2017 Steve Hobbis  Treasure  
16th July 2017 Steve Hobbis Saying Yes to Jesus  
9th July 2017 Steve Hobbis God's Love and Our Response  
2nd July 2017 Steve Hobbis Three Choices (for) when the going gets tough  
25th June 2017 Paul Brookes Our God is an Abundant God  
18th June 2017 Steve Hobbis Not conformed. Be Transformed Romans 12 2 Not conformed Be transformed.pptm
11th June 2017 Steve Hobbis What have you got for God today ?  
28th May 2017 Steve Hobbis Saying "Yes" to the Holy Spirit The Holy Spirit.pptx
21st May 2017 Mike Gillen Aspects of International Mission Horn of Africa final with voiceover.pptx
14th May 2017 Steve Hobbis Our International Family International Family.pptx
7th May 2017 Steve Hobbis Here and Now: Healing in the Name of Jesus Here and now-healing.pptx
20th April 2017 Steve Hobbis Loved Loved-.pptx
16th April 2017 Steve Hobbis Identity : Jesus and Ours  
9th April 2017 Regine Koroma Do We Know that God is Lord ? Knowing God as Lord.pptx
2nd April 2017 Steve Hobbis The Easter Story : Good News Easter - Peter.pptx
26th March 2017 Steve Hobbis Life changing Times  
19th March 2017 Steve Hobbis Telling Your Story nat evang 6 - Telling your story.pptx
12th March 2017 Steve Hobbis Jesus and Us Tell Your Story nat.evang 5- Jesus and Us -tell your story.pptx
5th March 2017 Steve Hobbis Natural Evangelism 4 Tell Someone nat.evang 4 -tell someone.pptx
26th February 2017 Steve Hobbis Evangelism as Overflow Nat evang3-Evangelism as overflow.pptx
19th February 2017 Steve Hobbis What is the Good News ? Natural Evangelism - 2.pptx
12th February 2017 Steve Hobbis Why Evangelism ?Because of Jesus:The Lord Jesus Christ nat.evangelism am1.pdf
5th February 2017 Deryck Macdonald-Taylor Hearts That Burn  Luke 24 Hearts that Burn Luke 24.pptx
4th February 2017 John Boyers Faith in Football  
29th January 2017 J.John Praying Caring Sharing  
22nd January 2017 Steve Hobbis Keeping the Connection.Making an Impact. With Jesus For Jesus.pptx
15th January 2017 Steve Hobbis Pray First  
8th January 2017 Steve Hobbis What is a Christian ?  
1st January 2017 Rebecca Benford Running the Race with God Powerpoint Double Winners.pptx

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