Date Speaker Title and Download Link File Downloads
15th October 2017 Deryck Macdonald-Taylor Love in Action Luke 10v25-37-Love in Action.pptx
8th October Victoria & Ant Personal Testimonies  
1st October 2017 Steve Hobbis Christ in ME Christ in us-Colossians pt4.pptx
24th September 2017 Steve Hobbis Christ in YOU Christ in us-Colossians pt3.pptx
17th September 2017 Steve Hobbis search bms World Mission Wonderfully Made feature video

Harvest 2017-1.pptx

Harvest 2017-2.pptx

10th September 2017 Steve Hobbis "Its all about Christ- Jesus  It's all about Jesus.pptx
3rd September 2017 Steve Hobbis Reading the Bible and approaching Colossians

Bible - in us.pptx

Bible - in us 2 Colossians.pptx

27th August 2017 Douglas Nwosu Genuine Faith  
20th August 2017 Steve Hobbis   The Bible - Inspired and Useful Bible - inspired and useful.pptx
13th August 2017 Mel Underwood Keep On Running

Paris Marathon Presentation.pptx

Types of run.pptx

"Keep on running colouring".jpg.html

23rd July 2017 Steve Hobbis  Treasure  
16th July 2017 Steve Hobbis Saying Yes to Jesus  
9th July 2017 Steve Hobbis God's Love and Our Response  
2nd July 2017 Steve Hobbis Three Choices (for) when the going gets tough  
25th June 2017 Paul Brookes Our God is an Abundant God  
18th June 2017 Steve Hobbis Not conformed. Be Transformed Romans 12 2 Not conformed Be transformed.pptm
11th June 2017 Steve Hobbis What have you got for God today ?  
28th May 2017 Steve Hobbis Saying "Yes" to the Holy Spirit The Holy Spirit.pptx
21st May 2017 Mike Gillen Aspects of International Mission Horn of Africa final with voiceover.pptx
14th May 2017 Steve Hobbis Our International Family International Family.pptx
7th May 2017 Steve Hobbis Here and Now: Healing in the Name of Jesus Here and now-healing.pptx
20th April 2017 Steve Hobbis Loved Loved-.pptx
16th April 2017 Steve Hobbis Identity : Jesus and Ours  
9th April 2017 Regine Koroma Do We Know that God is Lord ? Knowing God as Lord.pptx
2nd April 2017 Steve Hobbis The Easter Story : Good News Easter - Peter.pptx
26th March 2017 Steve Hobbis Life changing Times  
19th March 2017 Steve Hobbis Telling Your Story nat evang 6 - Telling your story.pptx
12th March 2017 Steve Hobbis Jesus and Us Tell Your Story nat.evang 5- Jesus and Us -tell your story.pptx
5th March 2017 Steve Hobbis Natural Evangelism 4 Tell Someone nat.evang 4 -tell someone.pptx
26th February 2017 Steve Hobbis Evangelism as Overflow Nat evang3-Evangelism as overflow.pptx
19th February 2017 Steve Hobbis What is the Good News ? Natural Evangelism - 2.pptx
12th February 2017 Steve Hobbis Why Evangelism ?Because of Jesus:The Lord Jesus Christ nat.evangelism am1.pdf
5th February 2017 Deryck Macdonald-Taylor Hearts That Burn  Luke 24 Hearts that Burn Luke 24.pptx
4th February 2017 John Boyers Faith in Football  
29th January 2017 J.John Praying Caring Sharing  
22nd January 2017 Steve Hobbis Keeping the Connection.Making an Impact. With Jesus For Jesus.pptx
15th January 2017 Steve Hobbis Pray First  
8th January 2017 Steve Hobbis What is a Christian ?  
1st January 2017 Rebecca Benford Running the Race with God Powerpoint Double Winners.pptx
24th December 2016 Steve Hobbis Two problems : One Solution. God With Us  
18th December 2016 Steve Hobbis The Big Plan and the small baby 2016 Christmas Family Service
11th December 2016 Deryck Macdonald-Taylor God Spoke and He is Still Speaking. Hebrews 1v 1-3 God has Spoken - Hebrews 1 v1-4 pptx
4th December 2016 Mike Gillen Jesus - The Suffering Servant  
20th November 2016 Steve Hobbis God at work over the years in SOBC  
13th November 2016 Steve Hobbis The Motive of Love and Ministry of Reconciliation  
6th November 2016 Steve Hobbis Let's Make Disciples  
30th October @016 Steve Hobbis CELEBRATION  
23rd October 2016 Deryck Macdonald-Taylor Colossians 4 v2-4 Prayer: Lifeline to God Colossians 4v2-4 Prayer-Lifeline to God ppt
16th October 2016 Deryck Macdonald-Taylor Roman's 5v1-11 GOOD NEWS Now and Forever. Romans 5v 1-11 Good News Now and Forever.pptx
9th October 2016 Steve Hobbis Moved to Prayer and Action Moved to Prayer and Action Nehemiah SOBC.pptx
2nd October 2016 Mike Gillen Consider Him - Learning to Live in an Imperfect World  
25th September 2016 Steve Hobbis BOB - GOD's Delivery Agent

BOB and church - God's delivery agent.pptx

BIB and BOB animation.mp4

24th September 2016 Jo Naughton How to Like Yourself  
18th September 2016 Steve Hobbis   Blessed and Blessing.pptx
11th September 2016 Steve Hobbis Struggling with all Christ's Energy  
4th September 2016 Clare Hobbis Lessons in Loving Others  
28th August 2016 Douglas Nwosu Looking at Jesus  
21st August 2016 Deryck Macdonald-Taylor We all need REMINDING  2 Peter 1 v12-15 Part 13  
14th August 2016 Fiona Penny Refugees Syrian Quiz 2.pptx
31st July 2016 Steve Hobbis The God who Rescues and the Response of Faith  
24th July 2016 Steve Hobbis Good News - An Introduction  
17th July 2016 Steve Hobbis The Adventure of Faith  
10th July 2016 Steve Hobbis Jesus - WOW Jesus-WOW-response.pptx
26th June 2016 Graham Clarke Healing of Legion or Invisible Crowd ? 26th June Sermon.pptx
19th June 2016 Steve Hobbis Conversations with God-6 Guidance on the Way Conversations with God-6 Guidance into Freedom.pptx
12th June 2016 Steve Hobbis Conversations with God Part 5 Talk,Listen,Trust, Obey Conversations with God-5 Talk,listen,Trust,Obey.pptx
5th June 2016 Deryck Macdonald-Taylor 2 Peter 1 v5-11 Part 2  Building on Faith 2 PETER Part 2 BUILDING on FAITH 2 Pet1v5-12.pptx
29th May 2016 Steve Hobbis Continuing Conversations with God Conversations with God -4 continuing conversations with God .pptx
22nd May 2016 Deryck Macdonald-Taylor Growing in Godliness Part 1:- 2 Peter 1 v 1-4 Powerful Promises 2 Peter Part 1 POWERFUL PROMISES. pptx
15th May 2016 Steve Hobbis God's Power for Us  
8th May 2016 Steve Hobbis Conversations in Context conversations in context. pptx
1st May 2016 Steve Hobbis An Amazing Conversation Conversations with God 2 Ex 3-4 pptx
24th April 2016 Steve Hobbis Gods Call to Moses and Us Conversations with God Ex3.pptx
17th April 2016 Deryck Macdonald-Taylor 1 Peter Part 10. End-Times LIFESTYLE 1Peter 4:7-11 1 PETER Part10.pptx
10th April 2016 Steve Hobbis Conversations with the Risen Lord Jesus Conversations with the risen Jesus.pptx
3rd April 2016 Steve Hobbis After Easter After Easter.pptx
27th March 2016 Steve Hobbis He has risen E2016 Alive
20th March 2016 Steve Hobbis The cross E2016 Words from the Cross.pptx
13th March 2016 Steve Hobbis Coins,Cockerel and Cup coins cockerel cup-1pptx
6th March 2016 Steve Hobbis Beauty and Blessings MSunday 2016.pptx
28th February 2016 Steve Hobbis The Forgiven The forgiven
21st February 2016 Deryck Macdonald-Taylor 1 Peter Part 9 Self-Less Suffering 1 PETER Part 9-SelfLess SUFFERING
14th February 2016 Steve Hobbis God's Heart of Generosity on Display  
7th February 2016 Regina Koroma Heaven bound on Earth  
31st January 2016 Rebecca Palmer Together New Hope New Hope for SOBC Jan2016.pptx
24th January 2016 Steve Hobbis Sorry, no audio download available for this.  God's heart on display  in us
17th January 2016 Deryck Macdonald-Taylor The Virtue of Submission  
10th January 2016 Steve Hobbis  God's Heart on Display God's heart on display powerpoint
3rd January 2016 Steve Hobbis Citizens of Heaven  
24th December 2015 Steve Hobbis The Value of Jesus  
20th December 2015 Steve Hobbis Transforming Christmas  
13th December 2015 Mike Gillen KING : King Herod , KING JESUS  
6th December 2015 Steve Hobbis Mary, her life and her heart  
29th November 2015 Steve Hobbis Hope, Heartache, Happiness, Greater Hope  
22nd November 2015 Steve Hobbis Good News of Jesus and His Kingdom  
15th November 2015 Deryck Macdonald-Taylor 1Peter Part 7. 1Peter2:13-17  Free to Serve All  
8th November 2015 Steve Hobbis Good News in a World of Sin and Suffering. Good News in a world of sin and suffering ppt.pptx
1st November 2015 Steve Hobbis Good News to Enjoy and Share  
25th October 2015 Steve Hobbis Our Bible Experiences  
18th October 2015 Deryck Macdonald- Taylor 1Peter 2 :4-12 Part 7 : Precious Privilege  
11th October 2015 Steve Hobbis Giving, Growing and God Giving Growing and God.pptx
4th October 2015 Steve Hobbis Harvest - Holy Habits and Heart  
27th September 2015 Steve Hobbis What is Church   
20th September 2015 Steve Hobbis STEP UP  
13th September 2015 Deryck Macdonald-Taylor 1 Peter : 22 Part 5 Free to Grow  
6th September 2015 Steve Hobbis God's Word in You  
28th August 2015 Douglas Nwosu Parable of the Sower ( Soil)  
23rd August 2015 Dave Sims Stuff and Our Relationship with God  
16th August 2015 Steve Hobbis Wisdom for Life  
5th July 2015 Regine Koroma Hope versus hoplessness in our Mind  
5th July 2015 Regine Koroma The Battle in the Mind.ppt  
28th June 2015 Steve Hobbis Real Life Stories  
21st June 2015 Andrew Pearkes Healing Service  
21rst June 2015 Steve Hobbis Praying for Christ in You : Eph 3:14-20  
14th June 2015 Deryck Macdonald-Taylor Part 4 : 1 Peter 1:17-19  Live like Strangers in Reverent Fear.  
7th June 2015 Steve Hobbis Christ in You, the Hope of Glory  
31st May 2015 The Ark Team Engaging with God  
24th May 2015 Steve Hobbis Christ in You  
17th May 2015 Deryck Macdonald-Taylor Part 3 1 Peter 1: 13-16 Be Holy Like God  
10th May 2015 Steve Hobbis But God : Freedom  
3rd May 2015 Steve Hobbis Why have Faith in Christ ?  
26th April 2015 Steve Hobbis But God: Faith  
19th April Deryck Macdonald-Taylor Joy amidst Trials: 1 Peter 1:3-9  
5th April 2015 Steve Hobbis Believe and have LIFE  
29th March 2015 Steve Hobbis The Cost of Freedom  
22nd March 2015 Deryck Macdonald-Taylor Part 1 Hope Springs Eternal 1Peter1:1-8  
15th March 2015 Steve Hobbis Words of Life  
8th March 2015 Steve Hobbis But God: Failure - MUST run to JESUS  
1rst March 2015 Steve Hobbis But God: From Fear to Faith and Freedom  
22nd February 2015 Steve Hobbis But God: Forgiven and Forgiving  
8th February 2015 Steve Hobbis Baptism: God's Love shown in Baptism  
1st February 2015 Steve Hobbis God's Glory - Opportunities for Glory  
25th January 2015 Steve Hobbis God's Glory - God's Presence  
18th January 2015 Steve Hobbis God's Glory - Show me Your Glory  
11th January 2015 Libby Simkins Wisdom for Life  
28th December 2014 Steve Hobbis Worshiping the God who Speaks  
21st December 2014 Steve Hobbis GIFT: God's Invitation for Today  
7th December 2014 Steve Hobbis Peace of Jesus  
30th November 2014 Deryck Macdonald-Taylor Advent: The Wonder of Emmanuel  
23rd November 2014 Jack Watson Gideon  
16th November 2014 Richard Chewter Trust  
9th November 2014 Martyn Hedges Mark 12:29  The Greatest  Commandment  
2nd November 2014 Tim Stokoe Called People  
19th October 2014 Richard Chewter Are You a Glow in the Dark Christian ?  
5th October 2014 Winston Bygrave Seeking the Face of God  
21st September 2014 Deryck Macdonald-Taylor 2 Kings6:24-7:20 Famine to Feast  
14th September 2014 Tim Stokoe Safe Zone to Faith Zone  
17th August 2014 Steve Hobbis Looking Forward to Heaven  
27th July 2014 Steve Hobbis On a Mission with God  
20th July 2014 Steve Hobbis Living in the Presence of God every day  
6th July 2014 Andrew Pearkes Healing  
22nd June 2014 Deryck Macdonald-Taylor Elisha Part7 2Kings 6:8-23 Believing is Seeing  
15th June 2014 Steve Hobbis Understanding Fathers  
1rst June 2014 Steve Hobbis Matt 14:22-33 Every day water walking  
11th May 2014 Steve Hobbis Fix your eyes on Jesus  
4th May 2014 Deryck Macdonald -Taylor Elisha Part 3: 2 Kings 38-44  
27th April 2014 Steve Hobbis Words from the Risen Lord Jesus  
13th April 2014 Steve Hobbis One Man's Journey for Many  
13 April 2014 Steve Hobbis One for -Mary Sister Sculptures  
6th April 2014 Deryck Macdonald -Taylor Elisha Part 2. 2Kings4: Empty to Plenty  
23rd March 2014 Steve Hobbis God's Diversity: God's Diverse People  Part 2  
16th March 2014 Steve Hobbis God's Diversity : God's Diverse People  
9th March 2014 Deryck Macdonald-Taylor Elisha Part 2. 2 Kings 3 Making Room for God  
2nd March 2014 Steve Hobbis God's Diversity : It takes all sorts  
23rd February 2014 Steve Hobbis Life changing questions, ansents.(BaLife changing questions, ansptism Service)  
16th February 2014 Deryck Macdonald-Taylor Elisha Part1 2 Kings 2 : Prepared to Follow  
19th January 2014 Deryck Macdonald-Taylor Kingdom :Future  
12th January 2014 Steve Hobbis You are on a Mission from God  
5th January 2014 Steve Hobbis Church:ordinary people -working hard and knowing God's power  
22nd December 2013 Steve Hobbis Names of Jesus  
15thDecember 2013 Mike Gillen Jesus King  
8th December 2013 Deryck Macdonald-Taylor Kingdom Community  
1th December 2013 Steve Hobbis Jesus the Saviour  
24th November 2013 Steve Hobbis Jesus - WOW  
27th October 2013 Steve Hobbis The continuing ministry of Jesus Through Us  
20th October 2013 Deryck MacDonald-Taylor Kingdom Mission "Disciples making Disciples"  
13th October 2013 Steve Hobbis LIFE  
29thSeptember 2013   Steve Hobbis Jesus' call on our lives  
15th September 2013 Steve Hobbis God's plan and our part in it part 2  
8th September 2013   Steve Hobbis God's plan and our part in it. Part 1  
7th July 2013 Steve Hobbis Who do you say I am? Conclusion  
16th June 2013 Steve Hobbis A father's day message for everone  
5th May 2013 Deryck  MacDonald-Taylor Building God's church: Victory in the spiritual realm  
28th April 2013 Steve Hobbis Who do you say I am: when you're afraid?  
21st April 2013 Steve Hobbis Who do you say that I am? (Mark 8:29)  
24th February 2013 Steve Hobbis Challenges to Faith: Sex and Sexuality  
10th February John Lockley Walking, running and flying with God (Isaiah 40)  
3rd February 2013 Steve Hobbis Our Church Vision 2013  
25th November 2012 Steve Hobbis If God... then why all the suffering?  
2nd December 2012 Deryck  MacDonald-Taylor Zechariah 4&5  
16th December 2012 Steve Hobbis Call to Christmas action